Etched Frit Pendant

This necklace is made of a gorgeous pale glass that was covered in fine silver foil and rolled in crushed glass aka: frit!  It was further processed by etching it to a matt finish which makes the colorful frit pop!

I added handmade brass caps and fun sterling silver saucer shaped beads to compliment the colors of the crushed glass.  I didn't stop there though... I'm a big fan of twisted wire bails so I added one of my handmade bails and complimented it and the brass caps with 14kt gold wire and jumprings.

While it's hard to see all of the 24" sterling silver chain, I split the chain and added a clasp and a decorative gold bead at the end.  This is to allow you to wear this necklace at any length while dangling the balance of silver chain down your back.