Golden Bubbles Necklace

This beautiful bead was actually an error gone right!  Not that it was made wrong or there's a dot out of place .. just that I thought it was going to be pink when I popped it in the kiln.  Who knew I could get gold when I should've gotten pink.  That said, this is a one of a kind bead, never to be repeated! because there's no way I could!

It hangs from an 20" box chain and is accented with silver bead caps and seed bead.  The bead itself is just under 23mm wide and top to bottom is ~26mm.  it hangs beautifully at the 20" length but would be fabulous at any length.  If the 20" chain isn't your thing feel free to message me before purchasing and I can remove the chain from the price and sell it as a pendant.


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