Handmade Beaded Pen

Do you often write for work, in your journal, or perhaps you enjoy writing as a hobby? Our Handmade Beaded Pen transforms your experience with writing into one that is much more pleasurable and unique with its intricately handmade design. It's the perfect addition to an office desk, bedside table, or best friend to a diary, depending on what you want to use it for.

The Handmade Beaded Pen is a ballpoint with metalwork and adorned with glass beads, decorative spacers, and bead caps finished with a smooth color for aesthetic. The pens feel lovely in your hand and leave a beautiful result on paper with a nice, fine point. Overall, they make a truly unique gift for anyone who cherishes joyful writing exploits or someone who simply needs and extra touch of fun in their job at the office.


●    Handmade pen
●    Gass beads with metal, decorative spacers, bead caps & ballpoint pen
●    Feels comfortable when writing
●    Writes with a nice fine point
●    Unique gift idea