Sparkly dichrioc beads .. my new favourite bead to make. I love to wear multiple beads on a long chair and the variety of colours make it easy to compliment any outfit. To see what I currently have for sale, click here to go to my store.

These beads are made by combining beautiful dichroic glass and clear or pale coloured glass. I make them on a 3/16" diameter mandrel, line them with sterling silver and cap them with my handmade painted bead caps.

Each bead cap is handmade on either copper or brass. The majority of the print designs are rolled into the metal using my rolling mill but some designs are created on my Silhouette machine and then added to the metal by a chemical etching process.

I chose not to use sterling silver because I planned painting them and that would be a real waste of the pricey metal. I love the way the imprint stands out when the plates are coloured. I blend several different metal paint colours to come up with just the right tone to compliment the beautiful dichroic bead the bead caps with be added to.  And then there were earrings! click here to see what I currently have for sale. The earrings were a natural progression and they are very popular. The colours are so vibrant. The size is about 1/2" diameter disc shape and are light and easy to wear.