Handmade Jewellery & Beads

The Design Den is the online home of Debbie Armstrong’s custom-designed and handmade jewellery, glasswork, and beads.

Everything you’ll find here is inspired by the limitless potential of creating beauty from scratch. Unlike many designers, the majority of all the metal bead caps, earwires, necklace bails, and bracelet components are handmade in The Design Den studio.

I am proud to say that the majority of my jewellery is 100% Canadian and handmade.

Wearing colourful handmade jewellery brings a WOW factor to every outfit. Find yours at The Design Den.

The online store has a good selection of my current products but if you’re looking for something specific or you have questions about sizing or colour, please write to me.

What’s New this month!


Red is the color of the month

Each month I pick a color to focus on and I make oodles of beads in all shapes, sizes and textures in that color.  I find it helps me to build up my inventory of beads which also helps when I sit down at my workbench to make jewellery. February’s color is RED! I’ve been […]

About me

This is my creative passion

I enjoy the whole process of making jewellery from the variety of colours to the textures, from the first light of my torch to the assembly of the completed piece. I create pieces that are timeless with a contemporary flair. I love simple designs with intricate patterns.


Just Beads

aka: the bead bin

When I started making beads, I figured I would only be making the beads I needed for my own jewellery designs. I quickly discovered I had made more beads than I could possibly use so I have a great collection of beads for both the jewellery designer and collectors.


aka: bling

This section is a collection of categories housing the various jewellery pieces I have for sale. I make the majority of all my metal bead caps, earwires, necklace bails and bracelet components. I find it a very satisfying feeling when I can say that my one-of-a-kind piece is also 100% handmade. Enjoy!


aka: non-jewellery bling

This section is all about beaded non jewelry items. Here you’ll find bookmarks, letter openers, bead pens, cell phone charms (also known as zipper pulls) and anything else I plan to add my handmade glass beads to. If this is your type of thing make sure you bookmark this page and check back to see what I’ve beaded next.

Designer’s Gallery

Welcome to the Designers Gallery. This section is dedicated to all the designers out there that use my beads in their jewelry creations.

I get so excited when I hear from people who’ve used my beads in their creations and I know they like to show off their work. Some have even been published in books and magazines.


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